Critical updates

Most likely we will need to clarify things on the website, fix some bugs, or update the instructions otherwise at some stage. This document keeps track of all these updates.

A diff of the web-site source since the CRYOLIST announcement on <2016-10-14 Fri> can be found here.

Time-line and updates:

<2018-02-27 Tue> Fixed the value of the ice-flow constant again, now \(A\) and \(A'\) are consistent.

<2017-06-07 Wed> Clarified the value of the ice-flow constant: now stating the conventional one.

<2017-05-16 Tue> Extended submission deadline to 23.6.2017

<2017-01-06 Fri> Added submission deadline to homepage. Clarified model run B: the small

<2016-11-07 Mon> In Suite D, change degree day factor units to SI units

<2016-10-14 Fri> Official project launch