Minutes of meeting at EGU 2017, Vienna

[2017-04-28 Fri]

This is a brief summary of the SHMIP-activities during the EGU 2017 meeting in Vienna (24-28 April).

Talk in "Modelling Ice Sheets and Glaciers" session (Thu, 27.4.2017)

Our presentation of preliminary results from 11 models was well received and feedback was that many are well excited about this MIP. Also, many commented that SHMIP was the best of the MIP names so far. The presentation is uploaded as are the extended results presented at the splinter meeting.

SHMIP splinter meeting (Fri, 28.4.2017) minutes

Main Points:

  • deadline for model results submission extended to 23 June 2017
  • first paper draft end of August
  • publication of all model results under an open access licence
  • possible additional request for data submission:
    • discharge-across-cross-section
    • area fraction of efficient system


First, Mauro presented additional results which did not fit the talk (link given above). Discussion suggested that additional evaluations should include:

  • discharge
  • area fraction of efficient system
  • seasonal: when is max/min efficient system extent
  • diurnal: when is max/min eff. pressure


There was a discussion on how to run a future SHMIP with real-world data. The tentative plan is to:

  • first put data together, make it available, and publish it as data-paper
    • important data: melt input, proglacial discharge, subglacial pressure measurements, tracer experiments
    • possible glaciers: Arolla (Switzerland), Gornergletscher (Switzerland), Russell (Greenland), South Glacier (Yukon), Kennicott (Alaska), Bench (Alaska)
  • then run the SHMIP


  • Angelika offered her help if we need to get some glacier velocities at some point.
  • Workload was OK but the participant are not willing to rerun any simulations at this point so we should do with the variables we have.
  • Olivier proposed to put the model set-ups under CC on a voluntary basis
  • The website is considered as a good and reliable information source


Julien Seguinot, Ugo Nanni, Olivier Gagliardini, Mauro Werder, Basile de Fleurian, Ian Delaney, Sebastian Beyer, Angelika Humbert (in seating order)